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You are aware that motorcycle riders are subject to more risk than car drivers as these motorcycles are driven faster and any other vehicle driver could not judge the movement of these motorbikes as they are small in size compared to big four wheelers as well as trucks with multiple tires. That is why equal importance is given to these motorcycles and the insurance is also made mandatory for them. Let us discuss how the motorcycle insurance is prevalent in California.

California Motorcycle Insurance:

Motorcycle insurance in California is mandatory for you to drive a motorcycle. Much like car insurance,  liability insurance for motorcycle is legally required. Comprehensive and collision insurance coverages are optional and if you require the same, you can purchase them too. Purchasing of a liability insurance is a way of proving your financial responsibility in California. The minimum liability insurance prescribed by the State law is as follows.

$15,000 for bodily injury/death of one person

$30,000 for bodily injury/death of more than one person

$5,000 for property damage liability.

The above are the minimum requirements of insurance coverage and normally people buy insurance coverages much more than the minimum level in order to escape from financial distress as these minimum coverage will be insufficient,  if the injuries and damages to properties are in big level.

You must bare in mind that all insurance companies do not charge the same level of premium rates and they depend on many factors and may change according to situations. It is always advisable to do a research and get multiple motorcycle insurance quote of different companies, compare them and analyse them for desired coverages and finally select the one that suits you.

Cost of Motorcycle Insurance:

Motorcycle insurance in California is cheaper when compared to car insurance, but it all depends on where you live and the cost and performance level of your motorcycle you want to insure. Motorcycle insurance companies in California offer wide range of coverage options for a variety of bikes such as custom bikes, touring bikes, cruisers, trikes, classic motorbikes, scooters and mopeds. As such the premium rates will also vary from bike to bike. The insurance coverages protects you from being affected by theft, vandalism, collision and damages caused by uninsured and underinsured motorists.

Varieties of Discounts in California:

Safety Course Discount: If you have completed a safety or defensive driving course, you become eligible for this discount.

Multi Vehicle Discount: If you insure multiple bikes that include snowmobiles, ATVs and more, you are eligible for a discount.

Recovery Device Discount: Installing a GPS device system and other safety device systems in your motorcycle will attract this type of discount.

Mature Driver Discount: If you are a driver of age 55 years or more and have passed State approved mature driver improvement course, you will get this type of discount.

Good Driver Discount: In California, good drivers can get lower insurance premium rates. If you have

  • Been continuously possessing the driving license for the last three years
  • Have received not more than one ticket/point in the course of your driving for the last three years
  • Not involved in fatal accidents at fault or an accident that damaged a property worth more than $1000 in the past three years
  • Obtained a motorcycle endorsement.

Most of the motorbike insurance companies come with a one year motorcycle insurance policy subject to renewal in subsequent years and this policy can be managed online through the websites of the insurance companies. You can also get the quotes of many companies for comparison purposes. This will enable you to find a suitable motorcycle insurance policy along with required coverages at affordable prices.

Some Important Points Regarding Motorcycle Insurance:

  • You must realise that your standard auto insurance policy does not cover your motorcycle. You have to buy a separate motorcycle insurance for your bike alone.
  • The minimum level of insurance coverage is the same as that of your car. This is fixed as 15/30/5. It is better to buy a motorcycle insurance that is well above this minimum limit to avoid any further financial stringency.
  • Your liability insurance does not cover any costs you incur due to an accident to which you are responsible. It is advised to buy a collision and comprehensive insurance coverages to avoid such situations.
  • You must also realise that uninsured and underinsured motorist coverages are considered as smart investments.
  • When you ride a motorcycle, you are required to carry the proof of having motorcycle insurance or otherwise you are liable to be punished in the form of fines, suspension of license and the like.
  • If you do not have a motorcycle insurance and if you are hurt in an accident you are not eligible to recover non economic damages.
  • You must also understand that standard motorcycle license do not cover modified bikes.
  • There is no necessity for you to insure your dirt bike. If you decide to keep off the motorcycle on roads, you need not buy an insurance. But to avoid damages to the motorbike caused by theft, vandalism and the like, it is advisable to insure even your dirt bike.
  • As already said, there are many types of discounts offered by the insurance companies and do not fail to avail them to lower your premium rates.

In this technologically improved world, many insurance companies have created their own websites and you can get motorcycle insurance online quotes of such companies. This will enable you to compare those quotes and choose the best one.

Conclusion: In the above paragraphs you have seen the facilities available in California for insuring your motorcycle and many reputed insurance companies are at your disposal to serve you in a better way. Of course, you cannot avoid buying this type of insurance as it is mandatory by law. But, you have wide range of choices as well as facilities for analysation of quotes and coverages offered by leading companies. On the basis of your insurance coverage limits and budget allocation, decide on the best coverage at affordable price and purchase the same. At the same time do not forget to renew the insurance periodically.

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