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Own house is a big investment you can ever have and it goes without saying that it needs to protected. Damages can be done to your own home by any form of natural disaster. In these circumstances your assets at your home can also be destroyed or damaged. If you buy a home insurance with necessary coverages, to be explained in this article, you need not worry about the damages and all can be set right. Let us see what are the home insurance availabilities in New York.

Home Insurance in New York:

Owning a home in New York is a pride. But, you need a proper home insurance in New York to keep your belongings and your home protected against the unknown factors. There are a good number of insurance companies that offer homeowners insurance to the people of New York. These companies offer free home insurance quotes and you can get these quotes by visiting the companies in person or by visiting their websites. Comparison of these quotes alone will enable you to get the best deal for your home insurance purpose.

The annual average homeowners insurance in New York is higher than the national average. It is quoted as approximately $1287 for a HO-3 policy as against national average of $1173 per year. However, the premiums rates vary according to the size of your home, your assets and the area in which your house is located. There are many comparison websites owned by many private insurance agencies, which provide homeowners insurance quotes online simultaneously in respect of several companies. This will enable to you to compare the quotes of a selected number of companies at a time and get a good idea.

Some of the best picks of insurance companies that provide homeowners insurance are State Farm, Allstate, Liberty Mutual, Travelers and Chubb. Besides , there are much more prominent companies to offer best service in providing homeowners insurance at an affordable rate.

Basic Home Insurance Coverages:

The insurance companies offer wide range of home insurance policies to cover your home in the event of theft, water backup, personal injury and other types of losses caused by many forms of natural disasters. The insurance companies not only cover your home but also you, your family and personal assets stored at home.


Homeowners insurance protects the structure of your home, built in appliances, and other structures in the event of a damage by a covered peril.

Personal Belongings:

In any natural calamity, there are chances of your personal belongings such as furniture, clothing, electronic items and the like getting damaged. Home insurance will cover these belongings and they will be either repaired or replaced by the coverage as the situations warrant.

Personal Liability:

You will be happy to receive visitors to your home. Suppose an accident in your home injures a visitor or damages his or her property, this personal liability coverage will meet the medical expenses of the injured or the repair charges of the damaged properties as the case may be.

Medical Payments:

Suppose someone is injured or face death in your home premises, this coverage will meet the medical or funeral expenses of the affected party.

Coverage for other Structures:

You may be owning additional structures that are unattached to your house structure such as shed, fence, detached garage and the like. This insurance coverage will protect these structures in the event of they getting damaged.

Loss of Use:

Some damages may be heavy and you may not be in a position to live in your home until your house is repaired fully and ready for occupation. During this time you may have to live in a hotel or in a rented house. Under these circumstances, this insurance coverage will meet the rent for your stay and other living expenses such as food, dry cleaning, cable and internet connection and the like.

General Points:

In general, most of the homeowners insurance will not cover flood damage. In this case, you have to add flood damage coverage as a component to your main policy, if your area is often prone to flood damage. There is no necessity for you to go to a insurance company and by home insurance just like that. It will not work out in general. Shopping for insurance is a must and online is the best platform to do this shopping. You can get house insurance quote online in respect of many leading insurance providers.

Instead of shopping by yourself, it will be always better to seek the help of experienced insurance agents in this regard. These agents represent many insurance companies and sell insurance on behalf of these companies. They will provide you home insurance quotation in respect of the insurance companies, they represent,  and will also guide you in getting the right coverage after analysing all the risks, your living area is facing or likely to face. It is essential to get home insurance quotes of a minimum of five to ten insurance companies for better comparison.

How to Save your Home Insurance Premium?

Many companies offer various types of discounts to enable you to get a lower home insurance premium. They are as follows.

  • When you combine home insurance, auto insurance, health insurance and other types and buy them from the same insurance provider, you will be allowed to enjoy a discount.
  • If your home is equipped with smoke alarms, fire alarms, burglar alarms and other qualifying devices, then you will become eligible for a discount.
  • When you stay claim free for a continuous specified period, then you may become eligible for a lower premium.
  • You can also get a discount if you renovate your plumbing, heating, cooling and electrical systems.

Besides the above mentioned coverages, there are some more optional coverages such as identity theft, which provides coverage for high valued items like jewellry, antiques, artworks, furs and the like. Some more optional coverages are earthquake coverage, water backup and a few. You are the better judge to understand the risks your home may face and accordingly, you have to select the coverages.


Home insurance is a must in all areas and especially in New York. In metropolitan areas, crime rates will be high and protection against crime is essential. You decide the coverage, you need,  and buy the home insurance coverages accordingly.

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