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Unlike car insurance, you are not required to have a home insurance, if you own a home. If you finance your home with a mortgage, your money lender may require you to buy a home insurance. However, you have to protect your home by purchasing a homeowners insurance as there are chances of your home structure being damaged by any type of natural disaster or by man-made disasters. You cannot leave your huge investment unattended. What are the home insurance facilities in Massachusetts?  Let us see below.

How Home Insurance Helps?

Home insurance in Massachusetts is offered by many leading insurance companies in different forms of coverages. These insurance providers offer free home insurance quotes through their websites and while shopping for insurance, the customers have to collect them for comparison and selection purposes. Standard homeowners insurance protects your home and other unattached structures on your property from many types of hazards such as wind damage, fire, vandalism, hurricanes, thunderstorms and the like.

Home Structures:

Whether a small portion of your home or the entire home is damaged, the homeowners insurance will cover the expenses for the repairs or replacement of the structure of your home. When you are purchasing a home insurance,  ensure that your policy pays the replacement charges for the damages done and not on the actual cash value basis. This alone will ensure that you are covered with a strong financial protection.

Personal Belongings:

When you own a home, you will be having many assets such as furniture, electronics, appliances, clothing and much more. If these assets are either stolen or destroyed by a covered peril, then home insurance will reimburse the lost items. Added advantage is that your assets will be protected wherever they are stored in this world such as  storages, cars, kid’s schools and the like. Suppose your laptop is stolen from your car or to any place you carry with, then this coverage will step in to replace it. However, you have to complete a complete an inventory of your personal belongings to expedite the claim settlement, if such claim is required.

An inventory should consist of the list of the belongings, description of each item, proper bills, purchase contracts and other related documents. This would help settle the claims easily by the insurance providers, if at all a claim is required. Some of the tips to conduct an inventory are as follows.

  • You should not forget to list high valued items such as jewellry, artworks, furs and the like
  • Take the pictures of rooms and important items
  • Save the list of inventory in your personal computer and store it separately
  • The photos and the list should be kept in a safe place other than your home.

Liability Coverage:

While a homeowners insurance covers the structure of your home and personal belongings, a family liability insurance will protect you from the medical expenses of the injured persons, if they are injured in your premises. This will protect you from the arising lawsuits. Any visitor to your home has every possibility of getting injured due to slippery floor or falling into your pool and the like. All these liabilities will be taken care of by this insurance coverage. This insurance has a wide range of coverages. It extends its coverage to accidents in places away from your home, legal and medical expenses, lost wages of the person, who is injured and out of work for a short period.

Temporary Housing:

Due to a brutal type of disaster, your home may be rendered uninhabitable for a temporary period. You may be forced to live in a rented house or in a hotel during the time when your home is being repaired for re-occupation. An additional living expenses coverage, which is mostly a part of a standard home insurance, will take care of the expenses on your rent, food, laundry and dry cleaning, internet and cable connections.

General Points:

As there are many reputed insurance companies to serve the people of Massachusetts with their various types of home insurance, you can very easily get the desired homeowners insurance quotes online. This can be done by visiting the websites of the companies or by approaching the reputed insurance agencies. These agencies are capable of providing you house insurance quote online in respect of many leading companies, they represent.

Cost of Home Insurance:

As per a study, massachusetts homeowners insurance premiums are a little higher than the national average. The annual average premium in Massachusetts stand at $1379 as against $1173 nationwide. Some of the reputed insurance companies that provide home insurance are Allstate, Amica, Liberty Mutual, AAA, USAA, Chubb and much more. The insurance premiums depend on individual coverage needs and other factors.

The cost of home insurance premium tend to vary significantly and there are reasons for these wide variations. The insurance providers determine the premium rates based on several factors such as age of your home, location, cost of rebuilding your house should a catastrophe strikes, the value of your personal assets, your chosen deductibles and the like.

When you get home insurance quotes from different insurance companies, the matter does not end there. You have to carefully read the policies and understand the conditions laid down therein. You must look for the coverages excluded and included. Most standard homeowners insurance policies will not provide cover to flood damages.

If your area is prone to flood damage, you have to be careful in including flood damage coverage in your policy. If you are advised to purchase flood insurance policy separately, you have to do this without fail. While getting the home insurance quotation from the insurance providers, you must ensure that your coverage options are included as per your demand.

You should also be careful in renewing your homeowners insurance policy when it falls for renewal. This is very much essential to keep your policy alive.


You may think that investing on home insurance is a waste of money. But, in reality, it is not so. If all goes well, it is good. If some natural disaster strikes, your home is almost lost and it is not possible for all to invest in rebuilding your home. Do not commit such mistakes and insure your home with proper coverage to ensure your financial safety.

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