How To Lower Home Insurance Rates In Arizona


It is the dream of everyone to own a house during lifetime. But, you have to spend a lot of money and mostly people get either bank loan or mortgage loan to build or buy their own homes. Is it not necessary to protect this huge property from being damaged by natural disasters? That is why insurance companies offer home insurance and this insurance will provide cover to the structure of your home and other related things, about which we shall discuss in detail.

Home Insurance Companies in Arizona:

Even though there are many companies to provide home insurance in Arizona, some of the notable companies are Esurance, Allstate, Farmers, USAA, California Casualty, Amica, Electric, Acuity, Cincinnati, Horace Mann, American Family, Chubb National, AAA, Allied, Safeway, State Farm, Travelers, American National, Armed Forces, Pekin, Mercury and Progressive.

Home Insurance Rates:

Arizona is unique for its dry heat and desert landscapes and this land is also prone to sudden and extreme weather changes. Arizona is also prone to flash floods. Even though these disasters do not happen frequently, as a home owner you cannot avoid getting homeowners insurance as anything can happen at any time to destroy your property.

It is true that annual average homeowners insurance premium stands at $765 when compared to the national average which is quoted as $1132. However, you have to ensure that your home or vacation property has standard coverages in addition to provisions of sudden natural disasters. All companies will offer free home insurance quotes and mention their coverages and you have to analyse these quotes and choose the one that is suitable to you in all respects.

On your part make sure that the insurance coverages for weather catastrophes  such as hailstorms, fire, and floods are mentioned in your policy. You have to also ensure that your prospective insurance provider has a strong financial stability and perfect claims records to pay out promptly. You have to also look out for discounts offered by the insurance companies as they will help lower your insurance premiums. You can get the homeowners insurance quotes online along with other details such as insurance coverages, discounts offered and others.

You must note that a standard home insurance will not cover flood damage and you have to buy flood insurance coverage separately from home insurance companies in Arizona. Don’t argue that you live in a desert and you don’t need flood insurance. In fact, you must be prepared for any eventuality and therefore flood insurance is essential and this is true if you live in an area that is prone to flash floods.

Factors that decide Home Insurance Premiums:

Even though you can get home insurance quotes online or by direct approach, they will all refer to the quotations in general. But, if you need some special home insurance coverages, the premiums will vary. Moreover, each company has its own strategy to decide the insurance premiums and therefore the prices may vary from company to company for the same coverage.

The significant factors that determine your home insurance premium rate are age of your home, crime rates in your area, frequency of natural of disasters, average home listing prices, average burglary rates, home insurance hazards and the like.

How to Lower Home Insurance Rates?

Having decided to purchase homeowners insurance, you have to find ways to get lower premium rates as you have to pay for other mandatory insurances and other family expenses.

You have to shop around, even though it may be a time consuming process. But, it will save you a good sum of money. Before selecting an insurance company you can ask for reviews from your friends and relatives. You can also refer to the yellow pages or consult the department of insurance of your State. Almost all States make available the prices charged by the insurance providers as well as the frequency of complaints received by the companies. By shopping, you can get house insurance quote online offered by different companies.

You can raise your deductibles to a level you can afford to and thereby you can get lower premiums. Most companies recommend a deductible of $500 and if you raise it to $1000, then you can save as much as 25%.

The land on which your building stands is not subject to risk from thefts, natural disasters and the like. Therefore, while buying a home insurance do not include the value of your land while deciding the coverage amount of your policy. You can make your house more disaster resistant by incorporating special features such as providing strong storm shutters, reinforcing your roof with strong materials, installation of fire and smoke alarms and modernising your heating, plumbing  and electrical systems. These additional security systems will get you lower premiums.

Look for all possible discounts to which you are eligible and do not fail to avail them. While searching for home insurance quotation, look for the discounts too. These efforts will considerably lower your premiums.

If you stay with the same insurer for several years, you can get discounts in premium rates. At the same time, do not fail to compare the price quotations of other companies when it comes to review of the policy.

A good credit score may earn you a discount and try to improve your credit score to an appreciable level.

Home Insurance Coverages:

Homeowners insurance will cover the structure of your home as well as the other structures that are built in the yards such as sheds and garages. You can also include the components of insurance coverage to cover your valuable belongings at your home. Home insurance has necessary provisions to cover these items.

Additional living coverages will cover the expenses when you are forced to live in hotels and this may happen when your home is deeply damaged beyond the scope to live there.

Personal liability coverage is another type of coverage that helps to meet the cost of injuries to a visitor if he or she is injured in your premises.


As already told, you are in a stage of saving your home and a home insurance will provide necessary help in this regard. Let us hope that the worst do not happen, but you must be prepared to face it when it happens.

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