Some Facts About Car Insurance In Arkansas

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A car driver can injure anyone on roads or damage others’ property or public property by his or her careless driving or due to some other reasons beyond his or her reach. However, driving a car is a potential threat to the road users. Once you get involved in some major accidents,  you will have to spend a lot of money by way of compensation to be paid to the injured persons in the accidents or to the property damaged by you. That is why car insurance is made mandatory in many States of United States. This insurance will enable the car owners and drivers to feel free from financial implications involved in the event of accidents to which you are held responsible. The insurance companies will take care of your expected expenses in these cases. Let us see in detail about the car insurance facilities in Arkansas in the ensuing paragraphs.

Minimum Liability Car Insurance in Arkansas:

Any car owner or driver has to buy a minimum liability car insurance in Arkansas in order to drive legally and the details are as follows.

Bodily injury liability coverage: $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident

Property damage liability coverage: $25,000 to compensate the damages caused in an accident.

Besides, there are some more insurance coverages that include uninsured motorist insurance coverage, underinsured motorist insurance coverage, medical benefits and more, which are optional and can be rejected in writing.

However, if any driver is involved himself or herself in some major accidents, where the damages are heavy, these minimum liability insurance coverage would not be sufficient to meet the compensation. Therefore, it is always advisable to buy an insurance that is well above the minimum liability coverage from the car insurance providers in Arkansas.

Shopping for Car Insurance:

Shopping for affordable car insurance in Arkansas is quick and easy. Arkansas car insurance rate is quoted as $1455 on an average per year as against the national average, which stands at an approximate level of $1669 per year. Many reputed car insurance companies in Arkansas such as Geico, State Farm, Allstate, Shelter Insurance, Farmers, Safeco Insurance and much more offer free car insurance quotes in Arkansas for the benefit of their customers.

As far as the car insurance for teens in Arkansas is concerned, the teens of Arkansas cal apply for learners license at the age of 14. They must pass a written test and road test along with a vision examination for getting this learners license. At the same time they should not have been convicted for driving offences for the last six months. This learners license expires at the age of 16 and the teens have to apply for intermediate license and this is valid upto the age of 18. In both these stages, the teen driver has to accompany a driver, who is above 21 years of age, while driving. After the completion of 18 years of age , the teens can apply for regular car driving licenses.

Comprehensive Car Insurance:

If your vehicle is financed by a bank or through a mortgage, then you must buy comprehensive insurance, collision insurance and uninsured motorist insurance, which is insisted by the finance provider. Comprehensive car insurance in Arkansas covers the repair costs to your car caused by accidents or natural disasters or by vandalism. The cost of comprehensive car insurance depends upon the value of your vehicle, parking of your car at nights in garage or street and the place where you live. For this purpose, you can get instant car insurance quote in Arkansas online by visiting the websites of reputed car insurance companies.

Tips for Buying Car Insurance:

Car insurance is an integral part of the general family budget. A lot of variables can influence the car insurance coverage premium rates. Even though some of these variables cannot be controlled by the insured, some of them can be controlled to keep the car insurance policy reasonable without losing a lot in protection.

You may be having many assets such as own house, possession of a few vehicles and the like. In this case, if you have a low liability insurance coverage and if you become responsible for a major accident in which people are injured or someone dies, then there are many chances of attaching your properties for damage claims. Therefore, it is better to buy a car insurance coverage that would save you from financial distress and you should not be satisfied with the minimum liability insurance coverage.

You may also note that car insurance cost in Arkansas is not that much heavy when compared to some other States like Michigan, where the car owners pay on an average of $4054 per year towards the car insurance premium. You can get inexpensive car insurance quotes from experienced and independent agents, who represent many leading car insurance companies.

Some Facts about Car Insurance:

If your car is an expensive one or a sports car, it is natural that the insurance companies charge high premiums. If your car is much older, the premium will be considerably less. The car insurance premiums are also calculated based on some significant factors such as the age of the driver, marital status, past driving record, credit history and the like.

Moreover, the leading car insurance companies offer discounts to many categories of drivers. If a driver has completed defensive driving course, he or she may be offered discount in premium rates. Similarly if you fix some of the latest safety devices in your car, you may be given certain type of discounts. On your part, you should not fail to avail the discounts to which you become eligible.

If you are a safe driver then it is always good and you can be satisfied with the State defined minimum car insurance liability coverage. But, this is not always true. This is because that all the drivers on roads are not good and efficient drivers obeying the traffic rules all the time. Therefore, car insurance to a certain level is very much essential in order to safeguard your financial interests.


You might have understood the importance of buying a car insurance. Car insurance is made compulsory only to safeguard your personal and financial interests. It is good to avail the best possibilities and facilities offered by many reputed car insurance companies in Arkansas and live a free life.

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